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* Neutral Positioning

* Arm & Head Positioning

* Hand Fighting

* Arm Drags & Arm Clears

* Set Ups - Head Snaps, Push & Pulls

* Penetration Double Leg Attacks

* Inside-Step Single Leg

* Outside-Step Single Leg

* Finishing The Single Leg

* High-Crotch To a Double

* Duck Under

* Head Outside Single
* Single Leg Sweep

* Fireman's Carry

* Underhook Series

* The Over Under Series

* Russian Tie Series

* Foot Sweeps

Neutral Defense

 Fight Off Single Leg

* Head-Lock Trip off Single

* Fight Off Double Leg

* Lat-Throw off Double

* Block & Snap-Defending Shots

* Head Snap to Pancake

* Head & Arm Series

* Head & Arm to Pancake

* Head & Arm Shuck-By

* Head & Arm to Cradle

* Cement Job & Mixer

* Whizzer & ¾ Nelson

* Trap Head Tight Waist Hi-Leg

* Trap Head - Spilatal

Top Position

* Top-Set Position

* Tricep & Ankle

* Bump to Tight-Waist

* Two on One Hi-Leg Turk

* Two on One Tilt Series

* Half Nelson

* Bar Arms

* Bone to Bone

* Leg Series

* Counter Stand-Up

* Riding - Stay w/ Hips

* The Claw & Spiral Ride

* Cradle Series

Bottom Position

* The Stand Up

* Sit Back Series

* Switch

* Granby / Peterson

* Fight Off Half Nelson

* Leg Counters

* Bar Arm Counters

* Fight Off Back

Mental Prep

Physical Needs


Underhook Series

Take control with an Underhook while also securing inside
head position. If you lose head control position regain it by
working the back of your head back into inside position.
With the under hook secured you can easily dictate your
opponents movement and set up a variety of attacks.

To an Ankle or Knee Pick

Use a circular motion to set up an ankle pick, as the opponent
steps reach and trap with a hook behind his heel. Now change
your direction with a drive forward pulling out the trapped foot
as you drive.

Knee Pick

Same pressure as the Heel pick except hooking the back of the
knee as your opponent steps and follows. Once trapped change
direction driving through your opponents center of balance,
pulling the knee and pulling in with the Underhook.

To a Front Head Lock

Man gets bent over or tries to back out. Snap down going
heavy on his head, taking his nose to the mat. you can then
clear his arm and come around to score.

To a High Crotch coming back across for a Double Leg

When a man does not follow you can rotate inward with a hi-crotch
reach then pivot around switching to a double leg lift

To a Near Single Snatch

Pressure in to your opponent’s center of gravity with your
Underhook Controlled arm. As you back his weight onto his
far leg drop and snatch the Near Leg. Picking it up with an
elbow deep two arm lock, securing the Single Leg with
head inside and shoulder in the quadriceps pressure.
Finish the single with the step and drop.

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