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 Pre/ Post Workout Total Body Stretch Routine


Full Body Home Training Circuit 1 - w Bench & Dumbbells


Full Body - Home Training Circuit 2 - w DBells & Physio Ball


Full Body Training Circuit 3 - Fit Ball & Body Wt Exercises & DBells


Home Training Routine Squat & Reach / Squat w DBells



Ball Squats



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Abdominal Exercises
Cable Crunch
Abdominal / Machine
Cable Torso Twist
Abdominal V Ups
Decline Sit Ups
Roman Chair Knee Ups
Ball Crunch
Lateral Crunches / Ball
Abdominal Bicycle Twists

Chest Exercises
Chest Press Machine
Pec Dec
Dumbbell Flys
Incline Press
Push Up
Bench Press
Decline Press / Bar FWBP
Cable Cross
Assisted Dips

Shoulder Exercises
Lateral Raise with Dumbbells
Front Raise
Internal Rotation
External Rotation
French Curls / Rear Delt Machine
Reverse Fly Rear Delt Lifts 
Shoulder Press Machine

Shoulder Press / Dumbbells

Back Exercises
Front Lat Pull Downs
Low Back / Machine
Low Row Cable
Seated Row
T Bar Row
Pull Overs
Pull Ups
Back Extension / Machine
Bent Over Row
45 Degree Torso Raise - Back Extension
Straight Leg Dead Lift

Triceps Exercises
Triceps Push Down Bar
Triceps Extension / Dumbbell
Kick Backs / Dumbbells

Biceps Exercises
Bicep Curl Bar
Bicep Curl / Dumbbells
Preacher Curls / Bar
Bicep Curls / Machine
Hammer Curl

Quadriceps/ Hamstrings/Glutes
Leg Extension
Leg Curl / Machine
Leg Press
Inner Thigh Pull
Inner Thigh Pull
Standing Calf Raise

Donkey Calf Raise
Seated Calf Raise
Hip Adductor
Hip Abduction
Lunges / Front Walking
Lunges / Back
Lunge Split Squat
Ball Squats
Leg Curls w Ball
Single Leg Squats
Single Leg Raise - Quad Hip Flexor
Glute Kick Backs